From creation of an original application to app store submission, leave it all to us!

App creation service to attract customers MyStoreAPP

Equipped with standard functions for directly connecting
your store to your customers.

  • Coupons
  • Push notifications
  • Stamp Cards
  • Data Analysis
  • Visitor History MyStoreApp

What is MyStoreApp? MyStoreApp is a smartphone-based service for creating original store apps. In today's world where the number of smartphone owners are said to overwhelm PC users, an app can be an effective sales promotion tool to attract and cultivate loyal customers. MyStoreApp will solve all your problems!


Encouraging first-time customers to visit your store again

case 1 Turning new customers into regular customersEncouraging customers to come again through coupon offers and sales campaign announcements

Ensuring profit for your store by increasing heavy users

case 2 Cultivating loyal customersSpecial perks like secret sales for frequent customers

Wondering if there's some effective sales promotion you can do for low peak times?

case 3 Real-time information transmission and fast responseTailored news based on visitor history and push notifications for real-time information delivery

Transmission of Information

News Distribution

News Distribution
Make timely information about your store appear with scheduled news distribution and push notifications! You can also use them as blog posts with attached images. Even busy owners can feel at ease by using the schedule settings on the management screen.

Push Notifications

Push Notificationspush
Send announcements from your store to customers directly and in a timely fashion. Push notifications have a high open rate of more than 60% (mail magazine open rate at 0.1%), and are a strategic way to deliver information.
Delivery Function Coupon delivery time, news delivery time, timeline message delivery time
Recipient Selection Simultaneous delivery, individual delivery, segmented (attribute-based) delivery *, store-based delivery
* Enterprise Plan Limit


Give your customers a menu or catalog that's always up-to-date. You can easily update detail pages or even image-filled menus anytime.

Web View

Web View
For owners with their own websites, links to the site can also be made. You can expect a high synergy between the app and your website, making the most out of each of their strengths.

Attracting customers and encouraging visits


Make new coupons each time a customer comes to the store. By making use of varied coupon functions, customers can strategically be encouraged to return to the store. Play to customer behaviors through birthday coupons and expiration countdowns.
Coupon Types Regular coupons, birthday coupons, store-based coupons *, stamp completion coupons, installation coupons *
* Enterprise Plan Limit


Gather stamp cards on the app. Use original methods to encourage continued visits from customers and increase your fans. Grant as many as 20 stamps at a time to an individual member.

Visitor History

Visitor History
Manage appointments and records on the calendar. Use the timeline and visitor appointment record to encourage continuous use of the app.
*The visitor appointment record is not for accepting appointments.

Data aggregation and analysis

Enterprise Plan Limit

User Data

User Datauser
When users install the app, they enter information that can be used as their attributes. Using that data, [news], [coupons], and [push notifications] can be sent through attribute-based segmented delivery. By this approach to narrow down your target, your sales promotion activities will become even more effective.

Aggregate Data

Aggregate Data
From grasping app installation numbers to news open rates and coupon usage, you can understand which campaigns were effective, find out which news content had the mosti mpact, and measure how effective your coupon promotions were. By using the CRM function, you can also analyze detailed user data, like last day visited and number of coupons used, in order to make tailored sales campaigns.
Enterprise Plan Limit


Google Analytics can help you understand in even more detail the activities of users who have downloaded your app. By observing detailed data such as popular content, activity flow in the app, or the number of repeat visits, you can implement sales promotion schemes that have a greater influence on customer visits and more.
* GoogleAnalytics installation is optional

Convenient functions

Top Slider

Top Slider
Display up to 8 images on the top slider. You can even set links for each of these images to websites and reservation pages of your choice.

Access/Store Details

Access/Store Details
The app has a [Maps] button that, if tapped, will open GoogleMaps to show directions to your store. You can also redirect to SNS pages or email from here with one touch. Since the map can also handle registration of several locations, it is perfect for operating multiple stores.

Mobile Membership Card

Mobile Membership Card
Physical membership cards can also be incorporated into the app. Since customers just need to present the membership card screen at stores to claim rewards, they no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring it; and customer satisfaction goes up.

Wish List

Wish List
Owners running several stores can send specialized information for each store. By sending only information that app users want, you can increase customer satisfaction even more.
* Enterprise Plan Limit

Rich design templates and customizations!Your one and only brand app

Plan List

Simple Plan suited for single or small-scale stores
Enterprise 01
Complete Plan
Enterprise 02
Complete Plan suited for multiple stores
Enterprise 03
Plan recommended for large-scale enterprise
Initial Fee PHP 12,500 PHP 12,500 PHP 15,000 PHP 15,000
Monthly Fee PHP 11,000 PHP 14,500 PHP 17,500 PHP 19,800
Plan Details

How to use the service



Send us an inquiry by filling in the following form with your information. We will make the necessary arrangements for your plan and fees afterwards.


Contact from our staff

We will contact you by phone or mail to discuss the details of your inquiry. Please inform us of any customization requests. These will be quoted separately.


Content and images

After your application, prepare the necessary logos, images, or information for your store.


Production~design confirmation

Once the materials and necessary information have been gathered, production will begin! We will ask you to check the designer's work. Afterwards, you just have to wait for release. It's that simple.


App Store Submission

Submission to the App Store and Google Play will be done by our company. The app will finally be released once it passes the inspection. *Depending on the content, there are times when the app does not pass inspection. If this happens, the content must be amended.


First Use

A dedicated management screen will be available for you to use. You can immediately startup your app with coupons and news deliveries from any device on hand.


Do I need to pay to register on app stores?
No. Our company will handle the submission to the app stores, so you do not need to pay any separate fees.
After my application, how long will it take until my app is ready to use?
Once the materials are provided, app development until release will take at least 3 weeks to a month.